February 8, 2016

All structures saved from grass fire at D&N Garage

Eric Young
Dark smoke billows from behind a building at D&N Garage as a grass fire burns. The building pictured here suffered siding damage in the fire.
Eric Young
Firefighters put out a grass fire near D&N Garage Thursday.
Eric Young
Some of the grass near D&N Garage burns.

Posted by Eric Young
Managing Editor | editor@ogemawherald.com


ALGER — No structures were severely damaged after a grassfire occurred at D&N Garage in Alger April 4.

The fire occurred after 3 p.m. Witnesses said the fire may have been caused by a contained fire that got out of control. The fire was close to engulfing one of the buildings at the business, but that building was saved. It did suffer damage to its siding, however.

No one was injured in the fire.

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