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All eyes will be on Standish


With the issue of Guantanamo detainees being housed in Standish Max arising over this last week, it’s no surprise that Standish residents, some working for the city or elected officials, others employed at the prison, have been getting some extra attention lately.

But as this goes forward, more rumors are sure to arise, more stories will be reported and opinions will grow stronger.

Congressmen and others will no doubt travel to Standish to speak their case and television camera and crews will probably follow. The residents of Standish, who Rep. Stupak says will play a role in deciding whether or not SMF will become a federal detention center, must remember one thing when all this happens.

Keep cool.

Remember, this, like the proposal to house California inmates, is not set in stone yet, and not many people know all the details of either proposal. So when everyone comes to this small city, listen and communicate your concerns and questions clearly and calmly, not with sarcasm, anger and venom.

Or else, your opinion isn’t going to help build any bridges and gain understanding. It will only increase divisions.


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