November 21, 2018

AHRA bike path project sitting on kickstand

AHRA looking for management coordinator


ARENAC COUNTY — The Arenac Heritage Route Authority (AHRA) is in the early stages of installing a recreational bike path from Alabaster Road, on the border of Iosco County, to downtown AuGres.

According to AHRA Chairman Curt Hillman, the pathway project is still early in its planning and coordinating stages, but he says the basic ideas have been laid upon the table.

“We (AHRA) haven’t determined the exact path,” Hillman said. “But in working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), we’ve (AHRA) decided that along US-23 would be the rest route.”

He also says the bike path project has been in the works for about two years, but recently, the former management coordinator graduated from college and took on a job that limits his availability of involvement, a situation that Hillman says has all but halted the project.

“We (AHRA) need someone, locally, who has a real passion for the project,” Hillman said. “And by that, I mean someone who really has a passion for biking or jogging or running.

“We (AHRA) are looking for somebody to come in and help us with finding funds and finding available grants.”

He says MDOT has agreed to a matching grant to fund the project in the event the AHRA finds an investor or other resources for the trail’s funding.

He also says MDOT hadn’t specified on the exact cap for the grant, but he believes the entire project will cost $7-8 million.

For more information or to assist with the project, contact Hillman at 989-846-6560.


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