AGS, SSC car break-ins may be related


ARENAC COUNTY — A car break-in at Standish-Sterling Central High School Thursday, Feb. 16 may have been committed by the same perpetrator as a similar car break-in that occurred at AuGres-Sims High School Feb. 9, according to AuGres-Sims Police Chief Jason Overstreet.

“I think it’s the same people,” Overstreet said. “SSC had break-ins after ours, and there may have been another in Bay County.”

The rash of break-ins started Thursday, Feb. 9, when someone broke into two cars during a basketball game at AuGres-Sims High School. A week later, on Thursday, Feb. 16, a car was broken into at Standish-Sterling Central High School during a basketball game.

Arenac County Sheriff James Mosciski said parking lot video footage from the latter incident has been taken in for review by the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department. He said there are no suspects yet.

“We’ll find out the relation when we watch the video,” Mosciski said.

In the SSC incident, someone smashed the car window, stealing a purse containing credit cards and $300 in cash.

Overstreet said the AuGres-Sims Police Department was trying to track down a suspect on the car break-in incident they had prior to learning about the SSC break-in.



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