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TWINING — The Arenac Eastern High School Drama Club is only about a week and a half away from its two presentations of “When Bullfrogs Sing Opera,” by Carl L. Williams.

The Club Director, Mike Flore, briefly described the play, saying it’s “About a lady from a hillbilly background, or from the sticks, who wants to change her life to be a part of high society.”

He added, though, that the lady’s sister shows up from back home and she isn’t quite refined enough for high society.

Flore says the play was selected out of the pool of productions being reviewed by he and co-director Barb Hunter because it gives some students a chance to show versatility in their acting.

“Samantha Jose is the lead character,” Flore said. “She has a very strong southern dialect (in the play).

“We have a major twist with one character that’ll make it worth the price of admission,” he added. “People will see Graham Morgan like they’ve never seen him before.”

Besides Jose and Morgan, the other actors and actresses in the play include Shainna Beaderstadt, Cyle Seyler, Braidon Berry, Nick Phelan and Katilyn Sherwood — a cast Flore has high praise for.

“We’ve got some people in the cast, I could assign virtually any role for them,” he said, adding the rookies are also coming along nicely. “They’re very knowledgeable. They’re very directable.”

Prices are $5 per person or $15 per family. For more information, call 989-867-4231.

Read the whole story in the Oct. 29 edition of "The Arenac County Independent.


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