AE, AGS to see about merging more sports programs


TWINING — The cooperative sports agreement between the Arenac Eastern and Au Gres-Sims school districts may encompass the schools’ volleyball and basketball teams, as well, according to Arenac Eastern Board Treasurer Kathleen Clark.

Clark said AE discovered since they had already started the process of combining football teams, they should be able to combine the volleyball teams as well even though the April 15 deadline to submit such a change to the MHSAA had already passed.

As a result, the Arenac Eastern board has held off on approving the final agreement between both schools until June, so the districts could discuss combining basketball and volleyball teams.

Clark said both districts need a cooperative agreement to field a full, competitive volleyball team.

The two districts did discuss where the middle school football team would play. While the high school teams will play at Au Gres-Sims, the two districts discussed having the middle school play at Arenac Eastern. No final agreement was reached on the issue.

The joint proposal says the host school will receive the “pay to play” fee, and will pay for all other costs, such as uniforms and equipment. Arenac Eastern’s school board also approved Au Gres-Sims’ stricter academic requirement policy for students interested in playing, which state a student cannot play if they have an overall grade at D+ or below.

The two districts agreed to begin combining athletic programs in April with high school football so they could each field a stronger team than they could separately.

The combined school team helmets and jerseys will lack any sort of decals, instead featuring only the player number on a maroon background.



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