February 12, 2016

A column about columns

By James Kuch
News Editor | news@arenacindependent.com
Posted 7/15/11


There are a lot of things that I like about my job; like sports coverage, meeting new people everyday, and writing King’s Ransom nearly every week.

I enjoy writing my column so much that I wanted to write a column about my column.

Everyone needs a stress reliever at their job, and this column is mine. With this column I can take any topic I want, put my own spin on it, and send it out for everyone to either enjoy, or call me up and start a debate with me.

My favorite part is getting to speak from my heart. When something means a lot to me I love taking that topic and speaking from my heart. I feel like the only way I can write something is to know that it has meaning and it comes from someplace special.

I always thought column writing would be a tough thing for me to do. Before coming to the Ogemaw Herald in 2010, I had never even attempted to write a column. I always assumed that I lived a life that was… well… pretty lame. Who honestly wants to read something written by a guy who has only been outside of Michigan three or four times, or who spent a majority of his college nights playing Xbox?

As I developed stronger writing habits and became more comfortable, I discovered that I did have a lot to say. I wanted to write about sports, life and entertainment.

There was a niche that I had that can relate to some people out there.

I know not everyone out there cares about anything I have to say in this little section of the paper each week, and that’s perfectly fine by me. I write for myself, my family and that group of people out there who truly enjoy what I have to say.

To be successful with something like this, I have found that I have to relate to people. That is where speaking from the heart has given me strength. By talking about feelings and family, I feel that I have found a number of topics that people will enjoy. If they don’t that’s fine too. There are plenty of things to read in the Arenac County Independent.

There are times when I feel like I am not good enough at what I do. And maybe everyone feels that way sometimes. I do know that when I get a call from my grandmother or someone stops me when I am covering an event and says to me, “Hey, I really enjoyed that column,” I am reassured that maybe I am good enough to do this job.

Writing a column has given me so much to be thankful for and has brought me so much enjoyment that I cannot imagine not having it every week.

So, I hope you enjoyed my column about my column, because as always, I enjoyed writing it.

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