911 surcharge to remain at current rate


ARENAC COUNTY — The current 911 surcharge Arenac County residents pay per month on devices that can connect to 911 will not change after the Board of Commissioners voted to keep the surcharge at its current rate.

The board unanimously voted to keep the surcharge rate at 32 cents per month per device at its March 5 meeting.

According to County 911 Director Chris Barbb, there was talk of possibly raising the surcharge to 42 cents, as local governments don’t have to have a public vote on a surcharge unless the proposed surcharge is 43 cents or higher. But, he said he decided the rate should stay as is.

“I felt it was important to keep the surcharge at its current rate,” Barbb said. “The county can raise it up to 43 cents without a public vote down the road if they feel it’s needed, but with the current rate and the millage we already collect for 911, I don’t see a need to raise the surcharge.”

Barbb said 911 currently collects a .60 millage, or 60 cents per $1,000 of taxable value of an individual property, to operate the dispatch. He said the current 911 surcharge was adopted in 2008, with the surcharge being amended in 2010 to include all devices that can connect to 911, due to a steady decrease over the years of land line connections to 911.


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