Standish man cut short while testifying before subcommittee in D.C. regarding Gitmo transfer


WASHINGTON D.C. — Standish business man Dave Munson, a member of the Michigan Coalition to Stop Gitmo North, testified before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Intelligence Community Management on Thursday, however, was dismissed prior to the completion of his testimony.

According to reports, Munson was dismissed by Subcommittee Chair Rep. Anna Eshoo (D – Calif.) due to accusations that Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R – Holland) had brought Munson to D.C. for political gains regarding his Michigan Gubernatorial campaign.

“I got dismissed by the chair,” Munson said. “I got about five minutes to talk and I was about two-thirds of the way through what I wanted to say about what’s going on in my town.”

According to Munson, his testimony was submitted Tuesday, two days prior to flying to the nation’s capitol to testify.

“They knew what I was coming to say,” he said. “They were not interested in what’s going to happen in Standish, Michigan.”

Munson said he was able to tell the committee about the size of Standish and the size of Arenac County; and why people were objecting to Gitmo detainees being transferred to Standish Max, scheduled to close Oct. 31, before getting cut off.

He added that Hoekstra was able to get him additional time to testify about signatures against the transfer that had been collected. He said about 450 have been collected.

The Coalition to Stop Gitmo North will be meeting Monday at 6 p.m. at the Resurrection of The Lord Catholic Church cafeteria for an informational and action meeting. The group also plans to protest on the corner on M-61 and US-23 on Friday, Oct. 30.


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It's about time someone shut this guy up. He is one of though people that loves the sound of his own voice. This winner is going to Washington representing the City of Standish. The same person that owns one of the most scummiest bars in the area were if you are recently released from jail Mr. Munson will give you a Free burger and a beer if you bring in you jail ID Bracelet. WOW!!!

I was not lucky enough to be able to attend one of the many City Council Meetings that the City of Standish has had the past week or two but I was lucky enough to be filled in by many community members that did attend.

If MUNSON and his group of buddies that are running around Standish recalling commissioners and running for City Council put in as much effort into finding a alternative for the prison then we wouldn‘t be in this difficult time. They seem to know everything and have all the time in the world then were are your ideas.

In closing please put some thought into the up coming City Council election. You have MUNSON running for mayor, is he the kind of person you want leading your city. The man that gives rewards to criminals, the man that is anti police in fear of what they might dig out of his dirty closet. Then you have Donna BOULDIN running for a City Council seat, wife of RON BOULDIN the EX- sheriff remember how that rein of terror was. There have already been rumors that when his wife and Munson get in there first plan is to place him in the City Police Department head position. Do you really want this man with the biggest napoleon complex I have ever seen back in control. He was not re-elected for a reason. So please don't be blinded by the show they are putting on. They don't care about the City of Standish, Basically they want the control and power and are running for City council for the wrong reasons. Put people in there that are going to work for the cities best interest not there own interests.

Sunday, October 25, 2009 | Report this

Wow, "thetruth,"

I for one APLAUD Dave Munson as a true American patriot. He's speaking up for the town, when a few are trying to do a fishy back door deal that only appears to be the town's answers.... Why isn't the mayor NOW asking Granholm and the Dept. Of COrrections WHY they aren't pursuing other states to get prisoners???? It looks to me like they already know something we don't..... hm. Could it be that Levin, Stabenow, Stupak, AND Granhom are all helping Obama fulfill at least one campagin promise now that the honeymoon is over?

Dave Munson, you speak for my family, and I for one have actually read the history on the GITMO detainees, and my eyes are open to the danger they pose to American soil. That is not fearmongering, "the truth," that is looking out for our state!

Sunday, October 25, 2009 | Report this

Freedom to speak and write are precious and opinions regardless of how ignorant they are. "the truth" needs to get the facts correct instead of spreading untruths. I sent out a letter stating that I was running for City Council and why. I also stated that Jerry Nelson my opponant was a good man and I have supported him in the past. However, I do disagree on some issues and Jerry is aware of how I feel. I am running because I think City Council rushed into the signing of the resolution and I am opposed to the possible 38% water rate increase they want to impose on city residents to make up for the lost revenue from Standish Max. Just to let you know 'in truth' The City of Standish does not have a budget or ever will have a budget to even convince Ron Bouldin to leave his current job. If you would like to have a dialog then let yourself be known.

Monday, October 26, 2009 | Report this

It is typical of some people to call names of others who are trying to make a difference. If THE TRUTH wants to make a difference show up and be counted. Throwing out slurs to businesses or people is the Cowards way, step up and be a man. Show up and be counted.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | Report this

What kind of people stand behind someone that SAYS SOME SHOULD BE SHOT when they are speaking in a church.

Is this the kind of radical you want running this city. Why isnt anyone talking about the real issues that are effecting the city now like what we are going to do when the prison closes in the next couple days.

Everyone is wasting there energy on something that isnt even in our control. These people going on the news everyday, Saying people should be shot, pickitng all over the city are mking the City of Stadish look like a bunch of rednecks way to GO!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009 | Report this

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