September 30, 2014
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I always have people ask me why I do not have a GPS in my car. I’m not quite sure why they ask me, because I always have a compass and a map. Because I possess the rudimentary skills of a basic cartographer means I do not need satellite help. more
With Thanksgiving arriving this week, we once again begin our holiday season. People all over the country will begin the holiday traditions of travel as they move about to visit with family and meet up for holiday festivities. more
Well, it’s official. My brother Jason is now a married man. As many of you may know from the little brief I wrote for our Wedding Guide earlier this year, I was a bridesmaid. And boy, what a ride it was! more
The month of November has been designated as and perpetuated by the Internet as No-Shave November in order to recognize and combat prostate cancer. more
Hunting season is finally here! I’ve already been out a couple of evenings since Oct. 1, and I know many more hunters in the area and all across the state have been right out there with me, waiting for a great big buck or whatever game they’re after... more
One of the things I have always enjoyed about one of my major hobbies — old-timey video games — is the community aspect. I like getting together with some friends and associates who share that and similar interests, and just sitting back, shooting the breeze, and maybe throwing on a few games to play together. The loss of one such friend Oct. 16, 2010 stills reverberates with me to this day, and stands as a reminder of our own mortality. more
Commuters hitting the road to travel to and from work are about to be joined by a lot more vehicles. more
This has been a pretty eventful summer if you’re a science buff like myself. more
This Tuesday, you have a chance to make a difference in your community. You can make that difference by going to the polls and exercising your right to vote. more
Every four years, millions of people rush to their television sets during the summer to spend hours every evening pretending to care about sports such as track and field, gymnastics and swimming. more
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