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As our readers are probably aware, there are two different versions of our publications every week — our traditional print version that comes out once a week, and the online version that is updated daily. What you may not realize is, if you’re only reading in print or online, you’re not seeing everything we have to offer. more
Another 2-percent, class-three revenue sharing distribution is approaching in Arenac County, and for many local units of government and school districts, grants funded by that revenue will be helpful in improving their communities. more
Though I don’t share in the general loathing of the dentist office that’s the norm among most of my friends and acquaintances, there are parts of my visits I find frustrating. more
If you’ve read my columns over the past year or so, you may have noticed that I have openly talked about my hatred of bats and mosquitoes. Weird, I know, since bats eat mosquitoes. more
Since the office of the county drain commissioner announced it would be reactivating the long-dormant rolls for the Clam Drain — commonly known as the mouth of the Pine River — for dredging purposes, people all along the river have been questioning the necessity of the work. To prevent future flooding issues, however, we think it is an entirely reasonable project. more
I was sitting in my fifth grade classroom in 2001 not knowing the impact that a single day could make on this country or the world. I sat there with no idea that terrorists had attacked the World Trade Center in New York, what terrorists were or even that the twin towers existed. more
If there is one thing I’ve picked up on, you just can’t predict how your life is going to turn out. more
For months –– actually years –– my mom has been complaining about the color of my room. I, on the other hand, loved it, but I finally gave in and let her have her way. Next thing you know … more
I recently heard a report on the radio about how the massive, ancient Ogallala Aquifer running underneath much of the plains states, like Kansas and Nebraska, is beginning to dry up. After decades of farmers there using it to irrigate feed for cattle and more water-intensive crops like corn that otherwise would struggle in the conditions there, my first thought was, “Really? They just now figured that out?” more
I will come right out and say it: I have never been a huge fan of summertime. more
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