September 16, 2014
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I was listening to the radio on my way home the other night when I heard something absurd. more
I hate driving on crumbling, pothole-laced, bumpy roads. It feels like every bolt on my car is coming loose at the same time, and in a matter of seconds I will be sitting in the driver’s seat with no car around me. more
As of June 22, I have been working for Sunrise Printing and Publishing for a year. In that time, I have learned much about the news industry, and have picked up a few life lessons along the way. more
Sometimes in life, people just fail. We get turned down after someone else gets that job we want, or we give in to the pressure of goals we just can’t reach. more
Golf may be the most challenging thing I have ever done for fun. more
Dear graduating seniors, more
Last week reported that they have officially begun selling more digital copies of books than print versions. more
We all do it. You know, act one way and think the other. more
very year, every game when an ace steps onto the mound, there’s a discussion of some sort — on TV, on the radio, in someone’s podcast, in a newspaper column — about who is the best. We may not always hear it or see it, but in today’s 24-7 sports media world, it’s safe to say it happens. more
Well, I was originally planning to run my column making fun of Donald Trump, but I’m sure he has plenty of belligerence to keep me busy for years to come, so change of plans. more
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